Chef Lous Army Field MedicSpring 2020’s COVID19 pandemic forced all Americans – all ages, all genders – to stay healthy, stay home. Social distancing the ‘new norm.’ Time will tell what societal changes COVID19 has inadvertently instituted.

Work, play, school, entertainment, and even life’s essentials (food, toiletries, medical)… all required to become remote-ready. Police, fire, EMS, doctors, nurses, grocery store cashiers, truck drivers… all essential workers risking their exposure to COVID-19 with every shift worked.

Realized during Spring 2020’s COVID19 pandemic, Chef Lou Smith needed to pivot and protect his restaurant staff, his family and help his community.

To legally galvanize Chef Lou’s vision of providing front-lines personnel of all types impacted by COVID19 with free, prepared, nutritional meals, #MarchTo50KMeals and Chef Lou’s Army (CLA), a non-profit 501-(c)(3), was born and mobilized.

Since April 2020, donations continue – each and every donation helping CLA continue to deliver thousands of hot, nutritional meals seven days a week.

CLA leverages an array of Chefs and kitchens from founder Chef Lou Smith to CLA Partners throughout New Jersey, all fulfilling donated meals for anyone affected by crisis and/or simply a rewarding meal for being a good Samaritan for us all. These partner Chefs receive a stipend via CLA to prepare Chef inspired meals funded by CLA member donations and its growing affiliate of industry sponsors.

CLA aims to support the front-line support staff and those impacted by tragedy. CLA also assists the underemployed food industry workers with “back to work” opportunities from food prep to operational assistance to field delivery of meals.

Chef Lou’s Army’s monthly goal is a #MarchTo50KMeals and to create as many “back to work” opportunities for food industry workers in each of our communities.