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Chef Lou’s Army – Mobilize a Meal – People in Need

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Regularly we thank local first aid, fire departments, and police for their work preventing and responding to local crises. Chef Lou’s Army shows the communities gratitude toward them beyond times of emergencies.

Chef Lou’s Army uses a growing network of local restaurants that provide large ready to eat meals ( 1500-2000 cal); hundreds to thousands of meals at a time with partnered distribution centers and other organizations. While also allowing for a quick and powerful response to severe emergencies with this large flow of meals always at the ready.

Emergencies and Crisis can strike anyone at anytime, and for many can ruin all of the security a person or family has.

Chef Lou’s Army is able to quickly send in support for several days to several weeks if needed! We connect the individuals and families experiencing crisis with a near by restaurant that is wanting to help a member of their community at no cost to them. If you or someone you know can benefit from this please contact us TODAY!

Chef Lou’s Army Story

Founded out of a need to serve during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, Chef Lou’s Army (CLA) provides FREE meals to recharge our essential personnel and keep our families nourished in Ocean and Monmouth County New Jersey.

Supporting first responders and our communities’ families in need, CLA drives the preparation and delivery of thousands of restaurant quality large ready-to-eat meals (1,500-2,000+ cal/meal) each week.

  • General Chef Lou and the network Army of Chefs prep, cook and package a diverse menu of nutritional meals.
  • Chef Lou’s Army stays in active contact with state, county, and local governments and community leaders of all types to ensure prioritized distribution of meals in times of emergency.
  • Through matching contributions, grants, and efficient costs management we are able to provide these meals for less than $5 each; making your donations go as far as possible, and we appreciate the support!
Personal Info

Donation Total: $10.00

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